Dining Facilities (DFAC) and Starship Barracks Renovations

Fort Sill Army Post - Lawton, Oklahoma
Dining Facilities (DFAC) and Starship Barracks Renovations

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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Government, Sustainable

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Design and construction of two new Dining Facilities, plus the conversion of three existing Starship Barracks into classroom buildings in support of the mission of the Ft. Sill Army Post to train troops in military systems and operations.  The primary objective of the Corps of Engineers for the team was to design and construct a completely functional training facility with Dining Halls and Classrooms that are similar to a college or university in general function and quality.

Each Trainee Dining Facility is a 56,000 SF single-story, stand-alone structure equipped to feed 2,600 trainee soldiers per meal within 90 minutes, three times per day, seven days a week, 52 weeks per year.  The seated dining area is designed to accommodate up to 1,088 soldiers at any one time.  The seating arrangements are flexible and can be easily reconfigured to serve as a gathering place for group activities, similar to a college cafeteria facility.

The project also included the design and construction for the renovation and conversion of three existing Starship Barracks buildings into classrooms for the trainees at the Post.  Each of the three buildings comprises approximately 38,200 SF of space.  Approximately two-thirds of the space was programmed to be converted from Dining Facilities to Classrooms.  To meet Starship operational mission requirements, the team designed classroom space for 1,200 trainees with the minimum classroom size configured to accommodate 60 students.