With extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of sustainable planning, design, construction, and operations, Harper Construction Company, Inc. is a recognized sustainability contractor and leader in resource efficiency. Harper Construction has over 12 years of experience designing, building, and certifying LEED projects. Our commitment to creating positive improvements in the built environment, operational practices, and implementation of sustainability principles has enabled us to create awareness within the communities and organizations in which we serve. Over 95% of our projects are considered to be Green/Sustainable projects which is the highest percentage of any General Contractor in the United States.

Our philosophy is centered on an innovative hands-on approach, in which we encourage active participation and foster ownership and amongst all team members. We believe that our success lies with the collaboration amongst the teams we serve and that the expression of knowledge and concepts is the best method for exceeding goals. Our persistent attitude results in the streamlined collection of data, coordination of groups and individuals, and ultimately, comprehensive projects that have exceeded owner goals and expectations.