Renovation and Repair Starship Barracks and TBUP Building 5955

Fort Sill Army Post - Lawton, Oklahoma
Renovation and Repair Starship Barracks and TBUP Building 5955

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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Government, Residential, Sustainable

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Design and construction of Building 5955 TBUP located at Fort Sill. The scope included: BNHQ the expansion (design and construction of a new building addition to the existing facility), BNHQ classroom renovations, new Company Operations Administration areas, Laundry Rooms, Sleeping Bays, and cadre support spaces.  The scope included new building systems, and also included upgrading the existing building systems such as mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and structural as required to meet current codes and regulations

This project, including both buildings, achieved LEED Silver Certification.  The overall building was designed to achieve a minimum 30% energy use reduction.  This substantial building-wide energy savings was accomplished by increasing the building envelope insulation, incorporating, high efficient equipment, and using a Geothermal Water-Source Heat Pump System. The Geothermal energy system extracts free heat stored in the upper layers of the earth to provide heat to the building, or, conversely, reject building heat to the earth (cooling the building). The system is comprised of a series of 200-foot closed-loop vertical ground heat exchangers (well holes) made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping and a high efficiency induced draft cooling tower placed on grade, which is piped to a heat exchanger in the mechanical room.